Wayne Day Bazaar - 2001

The Wayne Day Bazaar is held every year and is coordinated through the efforts of the President and Vice President of the company who pick their chairperson and committee personnel.  Planning begins months in advance and the event lasts for four consecutive days at one of the town's parks.  Every other year, on the last day of the bazaar we hold the Wayne Day Parade in honor of our outgoing Chief.  Below are pictures of  the 2001 bazaar and parade.

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Chairman on the scene. Curt fills the dunk tank. The Pres & 1st Lady. The FD's Finest.
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The cook tent crew. Joey Connoli in the tank. The boys of the "Big 6". Ride tickets anyone?
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More cook tent crew. The Chief & his brother. Keith & Jack look on. Our fire fighting females.
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Down the Midway. More of the Midway An hour before we open. A few final checks.

Wayne Day Parade - 2001

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The reviewing stand. Our Color Guard. Our band "Tarrytown" Escorting the Chief.
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"Hand Salute!" The Commissioners. Carl, Pete, & the Banner. Paulie, Chris, & Brian.
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The Company Salute. The Ladies Auxiliary Towing of the Hose Cart "We are family..."